I have been given the opportunity to develop a new option for delivering current performance messages in e-conomic.

Today, we use the Dialogue tab to display messages, such as current application performance, but that message targets everyone, including users not on line at the moment; another important issue is that the dialogue system do not guarantee that the users currently on line sees the message right away.

We concluded that the dialogue system didn’t do the job and we realized the need for a small message pop up restricted only to users on line or the ones who log on while the message is valid.

The added message popup will be included and Live in the next market package from e-conomic. I would expect the pop up to be used during high peak hours with messages such as: You could experience some minor delays using the system for the next two hours. We are looking into this, thank you for your patience.

Edit: Observant users might have realized that this post has changed a few times during the day; don’t be alarmed, I am, what some of you would call on a learning curve.