We’re ready with uptime stats for the e-conomic application in April. Once again, we surpassed our target of 99.9% uptime by reaching an average of 99.93% uptime during the month of April.

Almost all slowdowns went unnoticed by our users, except on April 20 when some users experienced that the system was down for about 10 minutes due to heavy load on the system. Below, you can see our day-by-day uptime performance:

Uptime figures April

April uptime figures

More users and more functionality

New customers are joining e-conomic all the time. To handle this constant increase in the use of our application, we are of course continually evaluating when to add more hardware to our system.

Last month, however, we saw something a bit different: The combination of more and more simultaneous users logged on to e-conomic, and more and more functionality developed and added to our application caused an overload to certain functions in our system.

Fortunately, we found out about this in time, and no end-users were affected by it. We solved the overload issues by tweaking our server isolation settings a bit, so that each server can handle more tasks at the same time. And of course, we’ve made sure that this won’t cause any overload to the servers themselves!

Going forward, we will keep looking for ways of optimizing our server settings – in addition to our normal procedure of adding servers continually.