We are extremely happy to announce that a long awaited feature has finally landed in our REST API. This time we are expanding our booking portfolio – by adding the ability to book and send invoices via EAN (NemHandel).

This has been a highly requested feature, our consumers, as EAN support grows ever-important. In great part due to the fact that all invoicing of public institutions in Denmark has to be conducted electronically.

The public sector is not the only one having spotted the hidden potential in electronic invoices, as uptake also grows among in the private sector, reducing human error virtually to 0 (compared to dealing with paper-based invoices). Another incentive for electronic invoicing is simply – it is easier for the end-users.

EAN invoicing made easy
Sending electronic invoices is quite complex “under the hood” however we have focused our efforts on removing the entire complexity for API consumers, and thus make it as easy as possible for the integration partners to empower their consumers. But words are just words – let’s look into the actual implementation.

Get started
Currently when booking an invoice in the REST API we:

POST to /invoices/booked

Now, in order to send EAN invoices via the REST API, all that needs to be done is to specify the “sendBy” parameter on the request, as “ean”.

An example request would then look like:

    "draftInvoice": {
        "draftInvoiceNumber": 2,
        "self": "https://restapi.e-conomic.com/invoices/drafts/2"
    "bookWithNumber": 7,
    "sendBy": "ean"

That’s all there is to it… almost.

There are few requirements that have to be met when sending EAN invoices:

  • A valid CVR number must be defined in the agreement configuration
  • A valid EAN number must exist on the customer
  • A contact person on the customer must be provided

Tracking the status
The status of sent invoices can be tracked using the /invoices/sent endpoint.

Check your setup
On the /self endpoint we provide a property that indicates whether the company is setup correctly and is eligible to send EAN invoices. When in doubt please check the “canSendElectronicInvoice” property on /self.

Documentation for EAN booking can be found, as always in our REST docs.

Expand your horizon even further!
Implementation of electronic invoicing is extremely similar to MobilePay invoicing, therefore we highly recommend investigating the need for the MobilePay support in your integration as well. You can read more about MobilePay via REST API here.

Should any questions arise along the way, you are always more than welcome to contact our API support.

Of course this is not all what we plan for this year on the REST enrichment. There is more to come, so stay tuned!