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The e-conomic websites: A visual overhaul

January 29, 2013


We have worked on a visual update of the e-conomic websites in order to create a clearer and more direct communication with our customers and an easier sign-up for the e-conomic accounting system. ‘Simple’, ‘casual’, ‘friendly’, ‘professional’ have been some of the keywords for ...

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Written by Mette Walsted
Category: Usability, Websites

Taking website speed optimization too far

April 1, 2012

Distorted web pages

During the early hours of Sunday April 1, some website visitors reported mysterious events and strange sightings on our websites. computer science homework help Some were just confused, while others later reported their experience in words like “It’s full of ...

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Written by Tue Skaarup
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Basic speed optimization – release the handbrake

March 18, 2012

Autocross racing cars

If after reading this post you feel a little embarrassed about your 2+ second page load times for your web pages - fine, you should! :-) Seriously, there is no excuse for not doing a least the basic speed optimization. It is easy to do and ...

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Written by Tue Skaarup

Solution to the trailing slash problem in Lotus Domino

October 28, 2011

Tron Systems logo

The Lotus Domino webserver does not care about the trailing slash (“/”) in URLs, leading to Duplicate Content problems which have a negative impact on SEO results. But now there is a safe, fast and elegant solution to this problem using DSAPI filters.

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Written by Tue Skaarup
Category: Websites
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