UPDATE: The correct load order of the certificates will be re-established on Friday, 29 July at 10:30 PM CET. Please remember to change back to your old validation method at this point.


Our new EV SSL certificate has caused problems recently for a small number of Java integrations (and possibly others as well). The issue is caused by the load order of the certificates. which is contrary to what is expected.

We’re working hard on fixing this problem. We’ll re-establish the correct load order and test that Java will accept this load order.

We hope to have this up and running within a relatively short time (one to two weeks), so please be aware that your SSL validation may fail again at this point, until you’ve changed back to your old SSL validation. We’ll notify in due time before this change here on TechTalk.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we’ll of course update you on our progress with this issue.