If you’ve signed up for a developer agreement, please read the following changes. On February 15th, we  removed all accounting functionality and test data from your developer agreement, so the agreement only contains functionality and data related to creating and managing your apps.

The main reasons for this change:

  • Reduces the risk of you accidentally creating actual accounting data in the agreement
  • Prevents you from basing your app on UK accounting procedures and rules, e.g. regarding VAT
  • Helps you focus on just using the developer agreement for developer-related purposes, mainly creating and managing your apps

To access and play around with test data while you’re building your app, sign up for a Danish, Swedish or Norwegian demo agreement, depending on which country you need to test for. If your app is not completed within the duration of the demo agreement, you can contact our Apps Team and ask them to extend your demo agreement.

Please contact the API Team if you need help or have questions regarding this change.