At e-conomic, we’re constantly working to make sure that our service is available to our customers. As part of this we measure uptime – the period of time when the e-conomic application is up and running.

Below you’ll see our uptime for January. On average, we reached 99.927% uptime, above our target of 99.9%.

Uptime Jan 2012Uptime for the e-conomic application in January 2012

Contributing factors

One of the main reasons why we can maintain an average of more than 99.9% uptime is our redundant setup. This means that all data is stored and maintained in several locations at once, allowing us to automatically switch sites or servers in case of issues, with minimal or, more likely, no effects to our service.

Also playing a significant role is our alertness to the need for new servers in our system. We have a forecasting procedure in place that tells us when we need to add new servers in order to keep uptime as high as we would like. Over the past month alone, we’ve added six new application servers.