The 21st of august we will be launching 2 new API’s for our OpenAPI.


The customers API currently includes the following endpoints:
Contacts and DeliveryLocations.

These endpoints are already exposed in our REST api, however in OpenAPI you will be able to get all Contacts and all DeliveryLocations across all customers in a single request (max 1000 results at a time)

Fx. using this endpoint:

You will get a list of the first 1000 DeliveryLocations, which all have a LastUpdated field for easy filtering.

In Subscriptions we are finally making feature parity with our old SOAP api.

You will find all the same functionality here as you did in SOAP.
The following endpoints are exposed:

With both Subscribers and SubscriptionLines you can get all the data across all Subscriptions in one request.

Subscribers and Subscriptions have a LastUpdated field, which is missing in SubscriptionLines.
However, if a SubscriptionLine is updated, then the LastUpdated property of the Subscription will be updated.

This way you can just query for all Subscriptions with a filter on LastUpdated to know which Subscriptions you need to fetch new data for.