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Over the past three months, another four APIs have been released on the OpenAPI.
We are doing this in our continued work towards full feature parity with the now deprecated SOAP API.

1.Accounts API


The new accounts API offers the possibility to Get (all), Post (single) and Put (single) to the e-conomic Chart of accounts. We’ve also added almost the same possibilities for Key Figure Codes and Total Intervals

2. Booked Entries API


The new Booked Entries API offers the possibility to Get (all) Booked Entries both in bulk and paginated. We’ve also added Project Number in Booked Entries  

3. Documents API


The new Documents API offers the possibility to Get (all, single) information regarding attached documents both in bulk and paginated. Get the number of attached documents, and also Get (single) PDF for an attached document

4. Suppliers API


The new Suppliers API offers the possibility to Get (all, single), Post (single), Put (single) and Delete (single) Supplier Contacts and Groups. Please note that this is not the same as a Supplier.
This functionality will be added in the future. For now suppliers are to be handled through the Legacy REST API

5. Dimensions API


The new Dimensions API offers the possibility to Get (all, single) information regarding Dimensions both in bulk and paginated, Post (single), Put (single) and Delete (single) Dimensions.

Please refer to the documentation for specifics regarding use of the above APIs – The documentation should provide you with all you need, and if not please feel free to reach out at

Updates for existing OpenAPI endpoints

Journals API

It’s now possible to Create Journals through the Journals API

Customers API  It’s now possible to Get the customer default setup (customer group no. and invoice layout no.)

Rate Limiting on e-conomic APIs

We are continuously monitoring usage of our APIs, and according to our current fair use policy, we see that some of you are sending substantial amounts of calls, far above the limit.
We are planning to start enforcing them in the future, so please use this opportunity to reassess your integration and check the retry logic.