Creating dashboards with information about your invoicing isn’t always easy. Up until now this has meant that you had to get all the underlying information and do all the calculations yourself.

To address this we have created a new endpoint that allows you to easily access totals for invoices and also deep dive into the numbers.

At you find an overview of draft and booked invoices. Furthermore the booked invoices are divided into paid, unpaid, overdue and not overdue. This alone will give you a quick overview of your business. For a dashboard we have provided a number of hard coded date filters so you can use the same link to always get a these numbers for the last 15 days or the previous month for example. No need to create querystring date filters.

But if you want to know more you can deepdive into these numbers by following the links provided. You can group these numbers by accounting years or periods, or if you want to see how much each employee has sold you just group the amounts by employees by following those links (e.g.

The scopes provided are draft and boooked invoices, customers and employees and accounting years and accounting periods. Each scope can be applied after finding a specific resource to look at. So if you have found the totals for a given accounting year, you can then group that accounting year by employees or customers if you want to.

With this endpoint it is possible to create dynamic dashboards that allow you to deep dive into the numbers that make up your business.

We have added this to both the new experimental invoices endpoint and to the deprecated invoices endpoint in a scaled down version.