UPDATE Sunday April 26th, 11:41 PM (CET): The update has been completed and you are now able to log in to e-conomic again.



As previously announced here on the TechTalk blog, we have a planned service window on Saturday, April 26. On this day we will change our Load balancer and therefore also our public IP.

This means that from

Saturday April 26, 9PM (CET) to Sunday April 27, 6AM (CET)

Saturday March 29, 9PM (CET) to Sunday March 30, 6AM (CET)

Saturday March 15, 9PM (CET) to Sunday March 15, 6AM (CET)

the e-conomic application as well as the API will be unavailable.

Why are we doing this?

As we are growing we need to improve the way we control the traffic from our customers. The new load balancer has the following advantages:

  • See the health of our network in real time, so we can automate processes, easily scale up and down, and detect attacks before they cause costly downtime.
  • Easy deployment of new versions of the application. Instead of deployment to all servers at once, we will be able to gradually roll out newer versions slowly and ensure minimum customer impact in case issues should occur.

New IPs from Sunday April 267h, 6Am (CET):

  • secure.e-conomic.com:
  • api.e-conomic.com:
  • login.e-conomic.com:


If you are connecting to the API through the following URL, please make sure to update it:



Update to this:



We apologize for any inconvenience related to this maintenance, and we will make sure to keep you updated along the way.