Dear partners,

We have evaluated our first service window and listened to the input that we have received from our partners. Taking this into consideration we have decided to change the time of the service window.

Next service window is scheduled for Wednesday, October 12 from 05:00-06:00


Stay up to date on upcoming service windows

Please use our status page to keep track of upcoming maintenance work and time slots.

Please note that you can subscribe to automatic status page updates via e-mail, SMS or webhooks. Just click the “Subscribe to updates” button on our status page.

We do not expect the service work to take full advantage of the service window and a properly configured API integration with automatic retries should get back to normal operation before the end of the window. The full one hour service window is reserved in regards to any unforeseen circumstances that may require further maintenance work.

The planned maintenance work will not directly affect customer data and all services will be fully operational after the service window.

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