/products is now stable

Our /products endpoint has moved from experimental to stable. This means that /products is now ready for production purposes. We might add more properties to this endpoint along the way, but the basic signature will not change.

Currency specific prices added

A new pricing property has been added under /products/:productNumber with the following operations available:

  • Get currency specific prices for a product (documentation)
  • Please be advised that the products base price is not included in this collection.
  • Get the price for a specific currency for a product (documentation)
  • Create a new currency specific product price (documentation)
  • Update an existing currency specific product price (documentation)
  • Delete an existing currency specific product price (documentation)

Fully documented

You can find the full documentation for the /products endpoint here.

Full annotated error validation

When creating or updating a product or a product price, the REST API will perform a validation of the supplied data before the create/update operation is executed. If any errors are found in the supplied data the operation will not be accepted and you will get a 400 Bad Request response back that includes a list of all the errors found.

The format of this error response is described in our annotated error documentation.