In these days, work on our new generation user interface (UI) project is starting up – a project that will ensure that we also in the future can provide you with a modern, up-to-date accounting platform.

Our main challenges in this work is to improve user experience of the system, i.e. make the system faster, make the system more flexible, and adapt the system to the everyday of accountants, bookkeepers, and other users of the system.

Performance is a central issue for web applications and we have had our share of difficulties with performance in the past. In the new UI project, we aim to address the performance issues upfront.  Thus, we aim to develop a high-performance application with short response time, efficient data entering processes, as well as an application optimized for both keyboard and mouse navigation.

In modern IT systems, the user expects and should expect flexibility, and we have much focus on developing a system with a proper fit to your everyday. Which data is relevant for your business, where should it be accessed and displayed, and how should it be entered? In the future, you will get more control yourself, or you can of course continue to rely on the setups specified by our country managers.

To reach these goals we have a lot of prototyping and experiments to do, and a lot of technology to test, for example in relation to client-side caching of data to improve performance and use of AJAX to increase interactivity, and we will implement both client side and server side unit tests, to ensure the necessary quality of our software. This is not a small task!

So, when will you benefit from this work?

We have a number of projects in the pipeline, which will build on the new UI project, and updating the journal will be one of the first to be implemented.  By implementing a number of different journal types, the new journal concept should be both more specialized and more flexible, and thus, it should provide a better support for e-conomic users in various different countries and use contexts.