For most of the lifespan of e-conomic it has been a time consuming effort to regain access to e-conomic if a user had lost his password or his agreement number – both for the customer and for our support staff.

So in an effort to make e-conomic even easier for our customers to use, and to free up time for our support staff to concentrate on helping our users with application related issues, we will shortly be introducing a new feature that will allow our customers to ask for their log-on credentials on the website and receive them immediately via email.

A user that can not remember his password will just have to supply the email address that is linked to his user ID – if the email address is valid and can be verified to belong to a user, the log-on information will be sent to the email adress. The user will then be able to log into e-conomic.

The creditial retrieval interaction will be located in the secure part of the e-conomic website and the email will only be sent if it can be matched to an address linked to an existing user-ID. This will ensure that customers agreement numbers, ID’s and passwords are secure even though they can be easily retrieved by the customers themselves.