To increase operational security and redundancy of some hosting equipment, our hosting partner has announced a service window in the period:

June 29, 03:00 CET – June 29, 04:30 CET

Following media will be offline in periods up to 15 minutes during 1 or 2 interruptions during the service window:

•    e-conomic blogs
•    e-conomic wikis
•    e-conomic forums
•    Debitoor websites
•    Debitoor mobile sites
•    Debitoor blogs

Operation of the e-conomic application and Debitoor application is not affected by this maintenance period. You will however not be able to log in to Debitoor application during the short offline periods.

When our secondary hosting center is up and running in a couple of months, you will not be affected by these downtimes anymore, as we will be able to direct the traffic to the second hosting center where we will also have the needed SSL certificates installed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.