SOAP API will be deprecated in 2023.

  • First batch of 263 methods will be deprecated at the end of Q4 2022.
    All projects related endpoints in Q1 2023.
  • API rate limiting will be introduced on e-conomic API’s in the early stages of 2023.

We are finally able to give more details on the long overdue deprecation of our aging SOAP API – please read on to see how it is going to affect your integrations. If you have any doubts whether you are using the API’s that will be deprecated, make sure to check the list.

We will start deprecating the first batch of the methods on the 22nd of december.

Read more about SOAP API deprecation here

Rate limiting on e-conomic API’s

For a while now we’ve been monitoring usage of our API’s, and according to our current fair use policy we’ve had to reach out to a few of you, who came in violation of this.

Early next year we will be updating our usage policies and start enforcing them automatically. This is a good time for checking and planning the retry logic of your integrations.