Update 3:25 CET: We have identified and fixed the issue that caused this afternoon’s fallouts of approximately 5 minutes. We are still working on identifying the issue(s) which have caused the application slowdown over the past two days and will keep you updated.

Update 2:55 CET After a short system downtime, e-conomic is now up and running again. The system now seems to be running stably.

Update 2:24 CET: e-conomic is currently unavailable. We are looking into this and will revert as soon as possible.

Update 2:10 CET: Application performance is normal. We are monitoring the system closely to make sure that operations remain stable.

Update 12:45 CET: We have now restarted the servers successfully and you can log on to e-conomic again. Application performance seems to be back to normal, but we cannot confirm this, until we have more users on the system. An update will follow shortly.

Update 12:20 CET: The ongoing system downtime has been extended to approximately 90 minutes. We expect the e-conomic application to be available again no later than 12:45 CET today. Updates will follow.

In our attempts to return to the usual performance level of the e-conomic application, we are currently restarting the servers. This means that the application is unavailable today:

22 August from 11:15 to 12:15 CET.

No data will be lost in relation with this downtime, and we will inform you when the system is available.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience related to this downtime.

Update: Restart of the system takes a little longer. Downtime extended to 12:45 CET