The e-conomic REST API is constantly evolving. New endpoints are created and properties are added in a steady flow. But how does the API handle these changes?

Currently, we offer no versioning of the e-conomic REST API. Instead, some endpoints will be stable and others will be experimental. Some will even be deprecated. This is displayed directly on the home resource of the API. As endpoints move out of their experimental mode and become stable, we will update the home resource to reflect this.


Later on, as our API evolves, we might find it necessary to add proper versioning. We will inform our partners about this in due time.

The following states are in play for the API:

These endpoints can be used for production purposes. We might add more properties to these endpoints, but their basic signature will not change.

These endpoints are, as the name suggests, not quite there. We are working on getting these endpoints stable. This is our way of telling you that their signature is subject to change.

These endpoints have been, or will be in the near future, supplemented with stable versions. We’ll keep deprecated endpoints exposed for a certain grace period, allowing consumers to transition to the stable version.

Some endpoints, specifically /invoices/…, are already deprecated. Since we’re currently working on a vastly improved invoices endpoint, we have already moved the existing invoices endpoint to deprecated. This is to clearly communicate that it will be replaced by the new invoices endpoint.

We welcome your comments and suggestions for improvements, so please drop us a line or leave a comment below.