Applications that have customers from both the Nordic edition of e-conomic (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) and the non-Nordic e-conomic editions (Germany, France, Poland, Spain and the UK) will need to make changes to their setup on December 4, 2015.


In May this year, Visma, a Norwegian technology company, acquired the Scandinavian business side of e-conomic. As part of this transaction Visma also obtained the rights to the e-conomic brand. This means that e-conomic outside of Scandinavia is now a separate entity that will, over time, operate completely independently of its Nordic sister.

In the Nordic markets, e-conomic will remain the same in terms of the code, URLs and the API. Outside the Nordics, however, e-conomic has become a new company called Reviso, which means that all code and data related to non-Nordic customers will be moved. This includes new URLs and endpoints for the API.

Read more about Reviso.

What does this mean for my integration and my users?

Your non-Nordic customers will not be able to log in or connect to the e-conomic API after December 4, 2015. To keep them as users, you will need to create a separate integration based on the Reviso API and ask your non-Nordic customers to use this integration instead.

For now, the e-conomic and Reviso APIs are identical, meaning that creating separate integrations is relatively straightforward and mainly involves replacing URLs in your code. But over time, the APIs will differ more and more as the two companies develop them in different ways.

Note that your existing e-conomic integration will continue to work with no changes whatsoever for your Nordic customers.

To sum up, from December 4 you need to run two separate integrations in order to serve your whole customer base:

  • An e-conomic integration for your Nordic users
  • A Reviso integration for your non-Nordic users

How do I know how many app users I have in each company?

If you would like to know excatly how many users you have from each company, you can use the following methods:

SOAP API: In order to identify which company an agreement belongs to, use the method Company_GetAffiliation. The method will return one of three values: Reviso, e-conomic or Developer.

If you’re using the SDK, you need to upgrade to at least version 1.4.21 (go to and use the method session.Company.GetAffiliation()

REST API: The REST API exposes where you can find the property companyAffiliation with one of three values: Reviso, e-conomic or Developer.

Based on how many of your customers fall into either category, you may decide whether to run two integrations, or perhaps only run a single integration if you have very few users from one of the two companies.

How do I create a new, separate integration?

The sections below explain the changes required to set up a Reviso integration using the SOAP API and the REST API. For both APIs, the new Reviso URLs are already active, so you can create a new integration immediately and get your non-Nordic customers to use it.


The e-conomic SOAP API is available at:

This URL should be replaced by the following in your new Reviso integration:

All your tokens will continue to work as before.

If you’re using the old, deprecated .Net SDK you have two options:

1) Upgrade to a version of the SDK that has the correct Reviso URLs built in. You can download it here:

2) Set the correct URL on the EconomicSession instance like this:

var session = new EconomicSession(“Your App Identifier”) {Url = “”};


The e-conomic REST API is available via:

In the Reviso API, the correct base URL is:

All your tokens and grants will continue to work as before.

Documentation and Support

For your e-conomic integration, all documentation of the e-conomic APIs is still available at: And you can continue to contact the API team at for technical questions.

For your Reviso integration, all relevant support resources will be moved to the Reviso domain. All Reviso API support requests should be directed to

On a final note, let us add that we’re extremely sorry about the extra work this requires from you as well as the time pressure we’re putting you under. Unfortunately, these have been dictated by the terms of the split. We’ll do our best to help you adjust to the changes.

If you have any questions about the split, please contact us at

When does the migration start?

The migration is set to start on Friday December 4th at 18.00 CET. We expect the migration to be done Monday December 7th at 06.00 CET. When migration is started you will no longer be able to login using a Reviso agreement on the e-conomic Nordic API.

During migration you will get the following Authentication Exception:

E03200: We are in the process of migrating this agreement to its new home at Reviso. Access will be available soon on the following addresses.  SOAP: – REST:

After migration is completed you will get the following Authentication Exception:

E03200: We have moved this agreement to its new home at Reviso. The server address has been changed. Please use the following addresses instead. SOAP: – REST: