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Removal of the Connect method in e-conomic SOAP API

September 1, 2017

As a user of our SOAP API, you have most likely come across the Connect method, which is our most basic authentication method in SOAP. In the e-conomic SOAP API we currently expose the  following methods for authentication: Connect ConnectWithToken ConnectAsAdministrator ConnectAsAdministratorWithCustomerNumber Where the two last ones, are purely dedicated for administrator ...

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Written by Damian Bielawski

External database update June 12

June 4, 2015

In e-conomic, we regularly carry out updates and maintenance work on our media and systems behind the e-conomic accounting system. We have several external suppliers who do the same to ensure that e-conomic is running smoothly and that your data is protected at all times. One ...

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Written by Martin Lysholt Nielsen

New SSL certificates – Wednesday 25th Feb. 2015

February 4, 2015

We are renewing certificates for the following endpoints In that case you are using your own certificate store you need to download and update this manually. In most cases this will NOT cause any issues for our regular users of the e-conomic web application. The update will be executed ...

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Written by Mads E

Maintenance from December 6th 9PM CET to December 7th 6AM CET

December 4, 2014

Update Sun, 7 December 5.09AM CET Maintenance has ended. All systems are now available. Update Saturday, 6 December 9.00PM CET Maintenance has commenced. As previously announced here on the TechTalk blog, we have a planned service window on Saturday, 6 December 9.00PM CET to Sunday, ...

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Written by Søren Timmerman

e-conomic has no security issues in regards to the Heartbleed vulnerability

April 10, 2014

As you may have heard from other SaaS provider, on April 7, 2014 the OpenSSL Project released an update to address a critical vulnerability known as Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160). This vulnerability, which affects multiple sites across the Internet, could be remotely exploited to leak sensitive ...

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Written by Claus Villumsen

Database update: Saturday, December 8 2014

November 22, 2013

UPDATE Sunday December 8th, 00:45AM (CET): The update has been completed and you are now able to log in to e-conomic again. --------- Seeing as we are an online company with an online service, we can never do enough to ensure that our product runs as smooth ...

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Written by Claus Villumsen
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