In our ongoing efforts to ensure all our customers the best possible experience with the e-conomic application – as well as our numerous integration solutions – we have frequently observed that some customers are sending excessive numbers of requests to the e-conomic API.

In addition to having a negative impact on the performance of these particular integrations, this may also affect the perceived performance of the e-conomic system for other users.

Therefore, effective as of tomorrow, Tuesday, 16 February, e-conomic will automatically send out an e-mail every morning to all customers whose integration solution(s) have sent more than 50,000 API requests the preceding day. This e-mail will be sent to the superuser of the company – urging him to forward it to his developers or to those of his integration partner.

The notification e-mail will include a breakdown of the integration’s usage of API functions. This breakdown will be useful to the developers who will have to optimise the integrations in question. As always, our technical API support at will be available for developers who need additional information or specific tips on how to optimize their integrations.

Please note that if your integration consistently sends more than 50,000 API requests per day, you will receive this notification e-mail every day! This is not a bug – it’s a feature :-). We have yet to see an integration that cannot have its daily number of requests reduced to far below 50,000, using nothing but simple optimizations – mainly including efficient usage of the bulk functionality exposed in the API.

Some of the typical optimizations available are:

Using data classes

Optimizing synchronizations