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Improving API performance beyond data classes

April 6, 2009

In the e-conomic API, using data classes is a powerful way of optimizing the retrieval, creation or updating of multiple entity properties - or even multiple entities – to use as few round-trips as possible. However, many developers are put off by the fact that when ...

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Written by Christian Estrup
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Performance bughunt

April 3, 2009

We have continuously over the last 6 weeks experienced random slowdowns in our e-conomic system. Due to these slowdowns, You, our customers are experiencing unavailability or slow performance of our system.  We're focusing together with our hosting partner to solve the problems, and using external ...

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Written by admin
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Retrieval of Log-On Credentials

March 30, 2009

For most of the lifespan of e-conomic it has been a time consuming effort to regain access to e-conomic if a user had lost his password or his agreement number - both for the customer and for our support staff. So in an effort to make e-conomic ...

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March 30, 2009

e-conomic TechTalk - your technical news stream This is where the developers in e-conomic will share news in English about upcoming products and features. We hope you will share your thoughts and comments. TechTalk is: • where we intend to share the highlights of e-conomic development – product ...

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Written by Inger Lilja
Category: Miscellaneous
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